Conference Appearances in spring 2022

In May and June I presented works by Jordan Nobles at conferences where I facilitated performances of pieces from the Marimba Collage album with conference participants.

Percussionists from across Canada perform Jordan Nobles’ Quickening, Grace, Æther, and Stasis at the April 2022 percussion and research conference, The Space Between hosted by Dr. Michael Schutz and Dr. Fabrice Marandola at McMaster University.

The Bowling Green State University Percussion (Dr. Dan Piccolo, director) and conference participants performed a suite of works from Marimba Collage at the 8th International Conference on Music and Minimalism in May 2022.

Marimba Collage Review in The WholeNote

“a series of haunting intermixtures where the marimba gladly offers its deepest resonant brilliance”

“Throughout the 12 works on the recording the listener passes through a series of enchanting moods that shift like sand storms, as seen from miles above, that are somehow at once violently gripping across the landscape and also frozen in time.”

“draws you in from the first note”

Marimba Collage performers

One of the great joys of creating the Marimba Collage album was collaborating with students and alumni. Lilly Korkontzelos and Cody Weldon expertly handled the recording, processing, mixing, and mastering of the album. Members of the University of Windsor Percussion Ensemble from 2005-2021 took part in the recording sessions. The ensemble gave live premieres of three of the works on the album over my time directing the ensemble.

UWPE Members and Production Team: Taylor Unis, Lilly Korkontzelos, Martin Andres, Jefferson Hills, Aaron Eichler, Charlie McKittrick, Vanessa Harnish, Cody Weldon, Justin Skalaa, Martin Shultz, Nicholas Baddeley, Joshua Mathews

Still Image from ‘River of Fundament’

Still image from Barney/Bepler’s ‘River of Fundament.’

A streamable video of Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament is on Vimeo. I took a screen capture of the scene in which I’m most visible. This live performance/film shoot took place in 2010 and the completed film began screening in 2014.

First recording session completed for next album

I recent entered Red Dragon studios to begin my takes and guide tracks for my next album, which will consist of 12 of Vancouver composer Jordan Nobles’open score and percussion works realized on multiple marimbas.

The project will be recorded my myself, my current percussion students, and percussion alumni. Moreover, the alum will be recorded/produced/mastered by School Creative Arts Alumni Cody Weldon and Lilly Korkontzelos.

The project will commence with sessions in late August and early October. Participants will record by individual appointments to retain the distancing needed in the current day and age.

I’m excited by the results so far and think this record is going to a beautiful listen!

The Yamaha 5100 marimba gets lots of notes logged in last week at Red Dragon studios.