A Couple of Photos from River of Fundament

Here’s a couple photo stills from the Matthew Barney/Jonathan Bepler film, “River of Fundament:”


Each of the boats contains a sax quartet and a percussionist (I’m in the left boat).  We’re circling a crime scene.  A car (representing the Egyptian deity Osiris) will be extracted from the River Rouge with that crane.  Yes, we spent quite a few hours floating on the Rouge near Zug Island.


Aimee Mullins (playing Isis) is taken away by Set’s henchmen as the Osiris car is blowtorched into 14 pieces.  The saxophones and percussionists play “the cutting song.”

The film is still having selected worldwide screenings since it’s 2014 premiere.  It is a six-hour film with powerful, disturbing, and beautiful imagery with a deep thread of literary and mythological themes.