Noiseborder Festival 2017

In March 2017, the Noiseborder Ensemble hosted a two week long festival  of events at the University of Windsor including performances by pianist Douglas Finch and the Plumes Ensemble as well as performances by Noiseborder Ensemble and projects by members of the collective.

My main contribution to the festival was the Canadian premiere of Christopher Cerrone’s Memory Palace for percussion and electronics.  It’s a beautiful and tactile work that is around 25 minutes in duration.  One defining features of the piece is that the percussionist builds a majority of the instruments such as tuned slats of wood and tuned metal pipes.

It was great to play with Noiseborder Ensemble again and reprise some of the group’s most enduring/endearing works such as Superstars of Wrestling, (Follow That) Dream (Home), and film/musical works by University of Michigan faculty, Chris McNamara.

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