4th Wall Music – Elements of Percussion Concert

Thank you to Amy and the whole 4th Wall Music team for hosting RELA Percussion and myself to present The Elements of Percussion concert. I had a great time. RELA’s repertoire was fantastic and really fun to play; I’m so appreciative that they joined me to present the Canadian premiere of my work Djed (The Pillar) for marimba and percussion trio.

Conference Appearances in spring 2022

In May and June I presented works by Jordan Nobles at conferences where I facilitated performances of pieces from the Marimba Collage album with conference participants.

Percussionists from across Canada perform Jordan Nobles’ Quickening, Grace, Æther, and Stasis at the April 2022 percussion and research conference, The Space Between hosted by Dr. Michael Schutz and Dr. Fabrice Marandola at McMaster University.

The Bowling Green State University Percussion (Dr. Dan Piccolo, director) and conference participants performed a suite of works from Marimba Collage at the 8th International Conference on Music and Minimalism in May 2022.

Marimba Collage Review in The WholeNote

“a series of haunting intermixtures where the marimba gladly offers its deepest resonant brilliance”

“Throughout the 12 works on the recording the listener passes through a series of enchanting moods that shift like sand storms, as seen from miles above, that are somehow at once violently gripping across the landscape and also frozen in time.”

“draws you in from the first note”