Windsor Endowment for the Arts Grant for upcoming recording

I am honoured to have received the 2020 Windsor Endowment for the Arts’ Elizabeth Havelock Grant.

This prize will support the recording of my next album that will feature my students and alumni from the University of Windsor Percussion Studio. Moreover, the production and engineering will also be handled by alumni from the School of Creative Arts.

While we weren’t able to celebrate in person, the City of Windsor held a wonderful ceremony and press conference for this year’s WEA awards.

New Music Gathering 2020

I participated in several events at 2020’s New Music Gathering. I’ve wanted to be a part of NMG for some time and it’s too bad we were not able to appear in person in Portland, Oregon.

Our video submission, Anthropogeny II features Aaron Trant and I (Score and Data Manipulation); Michael Lucenkiw (Video and Data Manipulation); Dr. Chris Houser (Climate Temperature Deviation Data); and the score was performed by Michael Launius, Aaron Trant, and I. You can now view the piece here.

Marassa Duo (2019) LP/CD is now available!

I wanted to take a moment to say how happy I am about Friday’s album launch celebration of the new Marassa Duo record. To my students, colleagues, friends, and guests, it meant so much to me for you to be there and enjoy the performances and presentation.

I’m so thankful to the University of Windsor School of Creative Arts for putting this event on the season and providing the fabulous reception, which made the space celebratory for us all. 

Thanks of the Ontario Arts Council for supporting and believing in the project. Thanks to Ray Dillard,  Douglas Romanow, Graemme Brown, Wika GomezRobert William Gomez, and Precision Pressing for making the record sound and look so great!

If you missed out, I’ve got LPs and CDs if you’re interested.  
The records, CDs, and downloads are now available on Bandcamp!

There should be copies at Dr. Disc and other locations soon and Spotify, etc. a little later.

Love and Thanks!

Commission and OAC Grant for “Djed”

I am honoured to have received a Music Creation Grant from the Ontario Arts Council for the composition of Djed, a forthcoming work for solo marimba and percussion trio.  The work is being written for Gerald Noble (Dayton Philharmonic/Wright State University).

Djed is the ancient Egyptian symbol of a pillar meaning ‘stability.’  This is represented in the piece with structural pedal tones in the solo part being resonated by instruments in the percussion trio.

The djed is also a prominently featured sculptural symbol in Matthew Barney’s Ancient Evenings performances and film, River of Fundament. My experiences performing in these projects serve as an inspiration as I continue writing the music.  I look forward to sharing the completed score for Djed in the near future!


Petal for Piano

I wrote a short piano piece in December as a “Secret Santa” gift.  It’s called Petal, a short mood piece that draws upon core material from a Benny Golson tune.  I’ve included the score here, if you’re looking for something to work on your ledger line reading!

Petal for Piano

CMC Concert Band Reading

On February 13, I will be conducting the University of Windsor Wind Ensemble as they present 6 Canadian band compositions with the composers and members of the Canadian Music Centre in attendance.  Works by Eddington, Coles,Carovillano, Fawcett, Harley, and Pearce.  The band and myself are honoured to host the 2018 CMC Concert Band Reading session.